Open PhD positions!

Applications are invited for Ph.D. positions at the School of Computer Science (SCS), Reykjavik University (RU), funded by a project grant from the Icelandic Research Fund, under the direction of Michael Albert (University of Otago), Anders Claesson (University of Strathclyde) and Henning Ulfarsson (Principal investigator, Reykjavik University). See PhD positions fall 2014 for details.

Publications and preprints



  • Ultra-quick tutorial for generalized pattern macros: pdf, source (where the macros are). These macros are based on the original mesh pattern macro written by Anders Claesson


Qile Chen (1)
Anders Claesson (1)
Sergey Kitaev (2)
Steffen Marcus (1)
Joshua Sack (1)
Pavel Salimov (2)
Christopher Severs (2)
Alexander Woo (1)